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WordBrain Game

WordBrain is an iPad and iPhone game that challenges one to find scrambled words in a grid set. The network starts with only four letters, and they continue to grow as one goes through several rounds. Word brain is an interactive game that guarantees to test your brains at a whole new level with lots of fun along the way. Initially, WordBrain requires you to find a four letter word in the grid of four letters. After a couple of rounds, the words move from one option to multiple options. When you get to this stage, this is when things begin to get thick since the multiple answers are not obvious due to their similarities.

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Honestly speaking, WordBrain has a lot of similarities like many word games that we have managed to play in our lifetimes, but the difference lies mainly in the way that the game has been executed. With WordBrain, things get complicated at a very early stage thus making one to start scratching his or her head at these early stages. In cases where you have difficulties in finding the answers, you are given hints that will guide you on your way forward. You can even buy additional tips in the store as expected.

What is good about this game?
WordBrain work operates like a typical good puzzler that doesn’t bore the gamer easily at any level thanks to the rapid changes. The game supports an array of 15 languages with a total number of 580 levels that is mammoth for a player of any age.You should also not forget the effectiveness of the gameplay and the way the game developers have kept the graphics very light. The other good thing about WordBrain is that it does not penalize you even if you get the answer wrong – and here you can find all wordbrain correct answers. There are so many sites providing answers, cheats and solutions for this games.

This feature enables the player to open up his or her thoughts and work hard to come up with an answer with a lot of ease. This, therefore, means that the game can be used for educational purposes for learning letters and unscrambling words. The other advantageous thing about WordBrain is that it is free to download and install.

What is not good about the game?
The greatest and the only disadvantage noted about this game is that you will have to pay for numerous hints when you happen to get stuck somewhere along the line.

Final Verdict
WordBrain is truly fun as long as you understand the rules and play with them. Having being ranked number 1 among the Word Games in 58 countries, the game is considered to be a true Word Genius. This is because it starts very easy and becomes hard very quickly. You should get prepared to be intrigued by a word puzzle game similar to Candy Crush Saga twist and Sudoku and Ruzzle & Scramble. The 580 levels will also overwhelm even the smartest word game fun since they will experience a real hurdle to complete this game. You should therefore not dare to miss out on this game since it will actually engage your brains thus giving you every reason to be busy.

4 Pics 1 Word – An Honest Review

Originally developed by LOTUM GmbH, 4 Pics 1 Word has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. 4 Pics 1 Word has spawned countless clones due to it’s popularity, all with varying themes and difficulty, however the original is by far the most popular with Google Play rating it a 4.5/5 and over 150 million players worldwide, with support for 8 different languages. It is endlessly entertaining, and brilliantly simple. The player, being presented with four cryptic picture clues must attempt to guess the world that the clues relate to. Seemingly simple, the game often throws difficult puzzles at the player, some of the clues being as much a hindrance as they are helpful.

The game can be played offline and on the move, so you aren’t stuck waiting for an internet connection just waiting for the game to load up. This is good to see in a mobile game, as many require a steady link to the internet to continue running meaning they are difficult to play like a casual game, simply playing for five minutes or so at a time when the mood takes you. In the , 4 Pics 1 Word excels. The game can be played for as little as a level at a time anywhere you are. Or, you can get lost for hours, slowly solving your way through the various puzzles, until you can simply go no further. And don’t worry about running out of levels. With the games’ amazing popularity and massive community, updates are being brought out regularly to ensure the game keeps being playable.

The best part? Anyone can play! From the ages where we start to read books to the days we can’t quite make out the small letters without our glasses, a simple, yet puzzling game like this allows children and adults of all ages to test their brains and logical prowess. As such, it is probably quite a useful tool for developing lateral thinking skills. I should warn you though, the game can be thoroughly infuriating at times, with puzzles that will leave you kicking yourself because you knew the answer all along.
However, in times where the game has you beaten, there is a saving grace. You are supplied with some options to provide you with hints towards the answer, for example, filling in a random letter, or removing a number of incorrect letters. Each of these hints or cheats will cost you a number of coins, which can either be earned by guessing words correctly or purchased with in app purchases, up to the value of $19.99. If forking out cash for in app purchases isn’t your thing (You aren’t alone) then every person who’s played the game knows that there are hundreds if not thousands of online guides to help you see that all important link. While this is technically cheating, it’s up to you whether a clue is just too hard for you.

Personally, this game was a good one for me when I wanted to waste half an hour or so, and be using my brain whilst doing it. It was something to do before bed at night, or to do whilst waiting for food to cook. I never spent any money on it, and I managed (eventually) to get through all the available levels at the time I played. It can also be enjoyed as a group, with friends leaning over your shoulder, shouting the answer into your ear, but I always found it better to play in a relaxed environment, so your thoughts kept on the puzzle, and not how much you wanted to silence the loud voice in your ear saying ‘I told you so!’